Edison Lake Tour

On May 5th, 2005 we started our ride at Badger Flat above Huntington Lake My wife Llona, son John, and I planned to visit a place we had been many times before. The difference would be that this time we would be cycling rather than backpacking! We have always stopped at Vermillion Valley Resort during our Muir Trail hikes for food drops, supplies, and a good meal - but we had not yet cycled in. After a last minute reloading of Llona's panniers, we started our ride with a stiff climb towards Kaiser Pass two miles and 1000' above us. One mile up, the road became one narrow lane. One more mile of steep climbing brought us to the pass. At Kaiser Pass, we took a rest break before continuing on.

After leaving the pass our road headed steeply downward for the next several miles becoming narrower and potholed with a dropoff to our left. At Portal Forbay we stopped for an early lunch and to enjoy the view before continuing. Campsites, restrooms, and picnic tables are available here. A couple of miles later we passed the High Sierra Ranger Station and shortly after arrived at the junction of Edison and Florence lakes where we turned left towards Edison. We dropped steeply to the South Fork San Joaquin river crossing it on a steel girder bridge. The road began a roller coaster ride until Mono Hot Springs road junction and then became unbelievably steep! Miles later, we finally arrived at Edison lake and then shortly after at Vermillion Valey Resort where we had a delicious supper. After eating we continued on to our campsite at the end of the road. Setting up our Hennessy hammocks, we explored the surrounding area before returning to our campsite where we slept like logs until daybreak. After breaking camp, we started our long climb back to our car, with a detour to Ward lake (on the way to Florence lake). During our trip we had perfect weather the whole time, no bike problems (except wishing for lower gearing), and found almost as much solitude as when backpacking. This trip convinced us that cycling touring is an activity we wish to continue!