Llonas Current Touring Gear

 Items  Description  Oz.  Rating Comments 
 Shoes  Watersports  worn    
 Socks  Advent Coolmax ankle high  worn    Cool
 Safty vest  Orange  worn    
 Shorts  Cycling - padded  worn    Retained moisture
 Blouse  Silk mens long sleeve - loose fit  worn    Cool and sun protection
 Sports Bra  Coolmax  worn    Sleep support!!
 Gloves  Cycling  worn    Hands cold
 Helmet  Bell  worn    
 Socks  Wool - night and cool am     3.8    Feet cold all night anyway
 Pants  Capilene - night and cool am     7.3    
 Pants  Nylon, water resistant     5.0    Kept dry
 Fleece top  No Boundaries     8.1    Warm
 Jacket  Rain Shield - waterproof / breathable     5.2    Can tear
 Arm Warmers        Not used this trip
 Rain / wind hood  From nylon poncho (over helmet)     1.3    
 Headnet         .8    Used as stuff sack
 Hammock  Hennessy Adventure Racer   19.0    
 Blanket  Fleece - 50" x 60"   15.3    Too heavy for touring
 Sleeping bag  North Face Windstorm 35 degrees   31.0    
 Bag liner  Kelty   17.8    Adds warmth
 Space blanket  Disposable     1.8    Ground cloth use
 Platypus  1 Liter       .9    Not used this trip
 Light  Black Diamond headlamp - 3 led     1.1    
 Reading  Mini bibles - 2 volumes of 3     2.2    Small print  - readable
 Snackbite kit  Extracter       .9    Not used this trip
 First aid  Micro mini       .4    Not used this trip
 Bear protection  Ursack     9.9    Scratched by ?
 Food bag       1.2    Also waterproof
 Water filter  Bottle type       .4    Not used this trip
 Matches         .3    Used Dennis's
 Sew kit  Thimble, needle, dental floss, thread       .2    Not used this trip
 Spoon  Plastic       .2    Used Dennis's
 Reflective tape       1.7    Panniers reflected brightly
 Panniers  Bushwacker saddlebags   18.4    Want larger and lighter
 Handlebar bag  Mini - water filter, sewing, toilet tissue,
 reflective tape, etc.
      .7    Very reflective color
 Handlebar bag  Midi - for food     1.6    
 Water bottles  Two - 24 oz.      Too heavy
 Spare tube